New Products Committee

Regular Committee Meeting


Meeting #:
AMO Office
155 University Avenue - Suite 800, Toronto, ON M5H 3B7
Members Present:
  • G. James, Board Vice-Chair
  • B. Hughes, Board Chair
  • J. Dowty, Board Member
  • J. Giles, Board Member
  • P. Judson, Committee Member
  • J. Pittini, Committee Member
Others Present:
  • J. Dezell, Co-President/Co-CEO, ONE Investment
  • D. Herridge, Co-President/Co-CEO, ONE Investment
  • J. Hagan, Program Manager, ONE Investment
  • S. Han, WeirFoulds LLP, Legal Counse
  • J. Hess, Manager of Investments, MFOA
  • D. Kelly, Board Secretary
  • J. Song, Board Coordinator, ONE Investment
  • K. Taylor, Chief Investment Officer, ONE Investment

Committee Chair James made the following statement on behalf of the Committee:

We recognize that our work as the ONE Joint Investment Board and the work of municipalities take place on traditional Indigenous territories across Ontario. We recognize and respect the history, languages, and cultures of the First Nations, Metis, Inuit and all Indigenous people whose presence continues to enrich our communities.

There were no disclosure of pecuniary interest.

Keith Taylor, Chief Investment Officer, ONE Investment, Martin Leclair, CFA: Vice President and Institutional Portfolio Manager, Paul Purcell, CFA: Vice President and Institutional Portfolio Manager, and Dylan Rae, Portfolio Manager, Institutional, PH&N Investment Services, made a presentation on the OCIO Offering – Structure and Investment Approach.

  • Moved byBoard Chair Hughes

    THAT the Committee receive the presentation and adopt the recommendation in the report from the Chief Investment Officer, ONE Investment (March 18, 2024) as amended to read as follows:

    The Committee recommends that ONE JIB

    1. Direct ONE Investment to work with the OCIO to develop model portfolios suitable for most municipalities and individually tailored solutions where appropriate, each comprised of allocations to PH&N funds, to meet the investment needs of Participating Municipalities investing under the OCIO offering, and report back to the New Products Committee.

There was no other business.

  • Moved byCommittee Member Pittini

    THAT the committee adjourn the meeting.


    The meeting adjourned at 2:22 p.m.